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Crossword Tournament Dispatch #6

February 21st, 2010 at 10:59 am ET

The gossip as we wait for scoring of the final qualifying puzzle is that the leaderboard in Division A isn’t quite as expected. All of the top ten are known quantities — Trip Payne, Tyler Hinman, Ellen Ripstein, Francis Heaney are all in there — but the order going into Puzzle #7 is exciting:

1. Dan Feyer
2. Howard Barkin
3. Anne Erdmann
4. Tyler Hinman, 4-time-running champ
5. Kiran Kedlaya
6. Trip Payne, the most recent running champ before Tyler
7. Stella Zawistowski
8. Francis Heaney
9. Al Sanders
10. Ellen Ripstein

See what I mean? Anything could happen. It’s especially exciting to see the well-liked Anne Erdmann so high up. But note that these people are all very close together; what will determine the final leaderboard is finish order in puzzle #7. Exciting!!



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