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Rich Mintz historical site: 1900 Quail Street

June 19th, 2011 at 5:35 pm ET

Below are some photos of the Rich Mintz Historical Site known as “1900 Quail Street,” in the light-industrial northern reaches of Newport Beach, practically Costa Mesa, hard by the unsexy private-plane underbelly of John Wayne Airport. In this building I learned much of what I knew about direct marketing in the early part of my career (roughly 1992-1994).

Here I also learned about: crappy commutes (I lived in West Hollywood and commuted an hour each way with a friend via the carpool lane), office politics (when some people a few years older than me left the company unexpectedly, I got sucked into the vacuum and had to learn things very quickly), business travel (Detroit! Houston! St. Louis!), the importance of alcohol to a successful office Christmas party, and many other valuable lessons.

You probably can’t tell, but this place has had a full makeover in the past few years and it looks VASTLY more trendy and sophisticated and fabulous than it did in 1992. So, um, just imagine.


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