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I’m on a new diet. Please publicly shame me.

January 28th, 2014 at 9:57 am ET

Having watched myself grow to gargantuan proportions as a result of my slowing metabolism (and, secondarily, as a result of my lack of exercise, although to be fair to me, the effect of the former is much greater), I’m setting out to bring myself back down to what I think of as a healthy weight.

Being a person who is (1) large and (2) more or less at peace with the fact that I will never fit into anything at Topman, the boundaries of what is a healthy weight for me are looser than you might think. Basically, I’ll be happy if I can get myself down below the weight at which I started my last weight loss program in 2010, and I’ll be ecstatic if I can get myself down to the point I reached in 2011. For those of you keeping score, the latter would amount to losing about 40 pounds.

Given where I’m starting, even if I’m successful, I doubt that many of you will notice the difference. But I will.

I do have exercise plans in store (about which you can expect plenty more bitching later), but I know from last time that, at least for me, eating less is really the key. And this involves not just self-denial, but healthier habits.

That’s why there’s a bowl of apples sitting 10 feet away, since everyone knows that on a diet, apples (within reason) are free. They’re low in sugar per unit of bulk (meaning that you’ll probably get full long before you eat too many), and they’re cheap and available. And it’s why I packed four portion-controlled lunches in the fridge on Sunday night, so I wouldn’t be tempted to go out and eat junk.

Last time, I kicked off my portion control program with an initial week in which I adhered to 4 simple rules:

1. Eat meat and vegetables (in small portions), no carbs or sugar. Also no drinking, which I found was easy to adhere to if I was exercising.

2. Eat nothing after dinner. (This is more important than it sounds.)

3. If you’re hungry between meals, make a pot of tea and drink it slowly.

4. Shave a third off each portion before you put it on your plate.

Because I concurrently started a cardio exercise program, I found my appetite dropping anyway, so after the first 3 or 4 days of discomfort I had adjusted to a lower calorie intake.

I’m trying to do the same now. If you see me fall off the wagon, please feel free to point and laugh until I clamber back on. More news as it develops. 


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  1. nicole Says:

    Rich, you are the best. Good luck!!!

    Nicole (Haber)

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