Pretentious Potatoes

I’ve been looking for something to do with potatoes as a dinner side dish that isn’t baking or mashing. (I do have a good hot oven-roast technique, but oven-roasted potatoes are something I need to be in the mood for.) Last night, to go with a Texas dry-rubbed brisket I had sitting around, I tried Hasselback Potatoes.

I used a mixture of olive and peanut oil (both high quality), and minced the garlic — and I left it in for cooking.

And the verdict is… worth further study. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t that impressed with them straight out of the oven. Greasy, and not that flavorful. But the leftovers are sublime.

I think a recipe like this is highly dependent on the quality of the potatoes you use. Perhaps I shouldn’t have used these:


I also should have used a hotter oven (more like 425), and left the potatoes in a bit longer for more starch-to-sugar conversion.  

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