Rich Mintz: services and experience

My advisory services help organizations unlock social value by better connecting with the people who believe in them, and empowering those people to advance organizational aims in the market. By teaching your community supporters to advocate and evangelize for you, to support you financially, and to take visible and countable actions to advance your mission, you multiply your impact in the market and create powerful incentives for institutional funders and other important actors to throw their weight behind you, too. The result is a positive feedback loop that lifts your institutional profile in the community and supports fundraising, program revenue and audience/customer development, and brand equity in equal measure.

I’ve worked on strategic marketing planning and change management, community engagement, capital campaign and fundraising planning, membership development and retention, and donor stewardship programs.
Over my 25 years in direct response engagement fundraising and engagement programs, I’ve provided strategic direction and creative input to communications and marketing programs at a long list of nonprofit, political, and commercial organizations, including more than 150 nonprofits and issue advocacy organizations; seven Presidential and national political campaigns in five countries; and a dozen consumer brands. I’ve written strategic plans, developed campaign concepts and creative, written copy for digital and print, and helped institutions transition from print to digital communications.

I began my work in the field as a direct mail account executive at National Direct Marketing in Los Angeles in 1991. I was a co-founder of NetResponse, an early Internet professional services firm in Washington, DC, and of BusyTonight, a search engine technology company in New York. In the early 2000s, I owned and operated Peachtree Highway Books, a neighborhood bookstore with a national direct response program in Atlanta’s historic Candler Park neighborhood.

I grew up in Los Angeles, took a degree from Harvard College, and studied at the graduate level at UCLA. After time in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, and Atlanta, I now live in New York City, and I’ll probably stay in the city until I find the perfect midcentury modern house in an inner suburb. In my off time, I’m a daily motorcycle rider (for both transportation and pleasure) and an advocate for sustainable transportation and land use in both urban and suburban settings.